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Are you looking for the right partner for your airport transportation between Antwerp and the airport in Zaventem? Airport Express is a the reliable partner for all shuttle transportation. You can count on the best service and highest comfort.

Thanks to our promises, you will always enjoy a pleasant ride between Brussels airport and Antwerp. Enjoy our flawless airport transportation and also become one of our valued passenger.

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in ongeveer 45 minuten van
Antwerpen naar Brussels Airport
en dit om de twee uur
in beide richtingen.
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Why our airport transportation is cheaper

You can already enjoy our airport transportation from as little as €10 per person. Persons employed at Brussels airport and children under 12 years of age can enjoy this service for as little as €5.

With Airport Express you choose for great transport between Brussels airport and Antwerp. We transport you in one of our modern buses with all modern facilities that guarantee comfort.

Our fleet does not consist of small cars but of well-equipped buses. Here you enjoy numerous advantages over many others. Just think about the price, seating space and cargo space, among other things.

Benefits of choosing Airport Express

Are you looking for the perfect airport transportation from Antwerp? Then Airport Express is a good choice. We will take you to your destination in about 45 minutes in complete safety and peace of mind.

The airport transfer drivers at Airport Express are all friendly and professional individuals with a heart for our customers. They offer you a safe trip together with you family, alone and with or without luggage. Book your trip directly online through our website and choose Airport Express airport transportation.

Our transportation and drivers guarantee a smooth, safe shuttle service. All in the interest of our customers so you can count on a reliable partner for your airport transportation.

You are travelling in comfortable circumstances, in approximately 45 min. from Antwerp to Brussels Airport, and this hourly in both directions.

Airport Transfer Antwerp Zaventem

Our Airport Transport goes in two directions between Zaventem Airport (Brussels Airport) and Antwerp. You can count on a smooth, direct connection. Every two hours, a shuttle bus goes to and from the airport.

Our direct connection allows you to travel from point A to point B in about 45 minutes. Choose to spend this trip in comfort and use the facilities to work while driving.

You can count 7/7 on our airport transportation in both directions. They are both direct connections leaving every two hours in both directions. You can choose airport transportation from:

Antwerp – Brussels Airport Zaventem

Brussels Zaventem Airport – Antwerp

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Are you still looking for the right airport transportation, choose the transportation of our company, Airport Express. Here you will enjoy the good service at the best price in peace and comfort.Book your tickets today.

Frequently asked questions

How much does a cab to Zaventem cost?

A cab to the airport in Brussels often only starts from € 85. However, there are different companies and options. If you choose Airport Express airport transportation, you will enjoy the best rates. With us, you pay only €10 for a single trip.

How much does airport transfer from Zaventem to Antwerp cost?

Airport transfer from Zaventem to Antwerp costs 10 euro with Airport Express.

Do Brussels Airlines employees get a discount?

Yes, staff employed at Brussels airport can use this service for only 5 euro.

Do you drive by car or bus?

Airport Express is an airport transport company where you can travel by bus. Thanks to this option, you will enjoy more comfort, professional drivers and a safe trip there and back.

Do you drive to other airports?

No, Airport express is a shuttle from Antwerp to Brussels airport and back. We do not transport to other cities or airports in Belgium or the Netherlands.

Can I pay by card?

You can easily and securely pay by card online. Simply book your tickets on the site.